interior designers and contractors in mumbai-india

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About Us

We are Render Image design Studio, one of the top names when it comes to interior design, house design, office design, modular kitchens and other designing services including turnkey contracts. We have been the trademark for excellent design and execution from the past 10 years.

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled experts who’ve been involved in numerous projects on interior design for residence, commercials, offices, modular kitchens etc. We provide 3D designs for every room before the commencement of the work while including the clients in the process because in the end, the client will live in the house and they should be satisfied with what they are getting. Believing they played a part in the interior decoration of their house will give them even more happiness.

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Individual Design

Our interior designs are executed from the fundamental belief that your interiors need to bear your signature. This way, we try to make the designing process more magical for you.

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3D Visuals

We provide realistic 3D interior visuals and give you the exact images of what the interior of your home would look like.

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Expert Supervision

Our implementation is supervised thoroughly every step of the way. We pay attention to every little detail because the home interior that you’ve always dream of should be perfect like you had imagined.

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Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, seeing the customer elated after showing them the interior of their house is what gives us pride and happiness. We always prioritize customer satisfaction because we hold our customers in high regard.

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Need a quick no-obligation quote for a project? We’d love to help you. Give us a call Mon–Sat , 9am–9pm IST (2am–2pm GMT) or email us your project info, and we’ll get back to you.



72, Level 2, Dewan Centre, SV Road,

Jogeshwari (West),

Mumbai 400102, INDIA

Call +91-9773493557