Software for 3D Visualization

In principle, 3D modeling and visualization programs can be conditionally divided into several groups:

– Programs for modeling volumetric objects;

– Programs more focused on work with construction and architecture;

– Specific programs.

– Universal programs.

The first group includes a huge number of paid and free products that can be used by both beginners and narrow-profile specialists. Most often, 3D modeling programs are used to create special effects in cinematography, animation, and advertising.

The most widespread of these are programs such as 3DS MAX, Blender and Maya.

Blender is the most popular free 3D modeling software. The developer managed to combine in one editor a large number of possibilities for working with one object. In addition to developing a shape, giving it the desired texture and appearance, the program allows you to make videos, animation effects, and even create interactive game applications.

The disadvantages of the program include a rather complex interface, which will not be easy for a beginner to understand. However, the program has developed support in social networks and youtube channels, where they describe in detail how to work with this editor.

3DX MAX is a recognized leader in this segment of programs. This editor is used by the largest producers of the best animation like Pixar. The process of learning all the tools of this software product will take a lot of time and money. But, all investments will pay off with interest with a huge number of opportunities that will open to you with the proper level of knowledge.

Maya provides all the nuances for a live image transfer – the effects of applying textures to hair, liquids, and grass. Thanks to these technologies, modern animation allows you to achieve a high-quality product.

The second group of software includes AutoCAD and ArchiCad. It is worth noting that working with these programs isn’t as easy as pie. You need professional help which perhaps can come up with your project or at least give you a precise guide on software. Specialists at Engre platform could help you easily cope with this task. Thanks to a wide range of services, you will definitely find what you have been looking for for so long.

The programs have completely different interfaces, but they have similar tasks. The main function of these programs includes work on two-dimensional elements: plans, drawings, and sections. For the most part, the tools in these graphical editors contain information about wall thicknesses, standard doorway dimensions, and floor heights. These are professional engineering editors who have a low level of elaboration of a three-dimensional image.

In the ArchiCad render window, you can make a simple model, but to make the image livelier, you need to save the file and process it in a special program, for example, 3DsMax.

The third group of specific programs includes, for example, ZBrush. This reactor is designed to simulate the sculpting process in a computer environment. In addition to the standard characteristics of the width, length, and height of the object, depth parameters are added to it. This allows you to work out detailed portrait projects with lively facial expressions and high realism.

The top three software products for engineers and architects include Autocad, Revit, and Archicad. We propose to analyze in detail the capabilities of the programs, as well as see their pros and possible cons.

It is difficult to attribute any specific program to the fourth group. Rather, it is the main platform and a few additional modules. For example, Revit has a wide range of special features that will work when extensions are installed. They include:

– engineering network design;

– mechanical engineering visualization;

– laser scanning;

– photogrammetry.

In other words, any function within 3d design and modeling.

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