Know More About 3D Architectural rendering Services

It is the process of creating three-dimensional objects from an accurately drawn layout of interior space or an exterior building and thus gives a complete look of the space even before the start of construction. These images are called CGI ( Computer generated images). These are called Interior renderings and Exterior Renderings

An Interior rendering is a process to show the interior space of a home, office, shop, lobby, bathroom etc with the help of a 3D software. This is the most effective method to show clients how their interior space is going to look even before the work is started. This is the best tool to showcase the design of interior space. 3D interior designs are widely used nowadays.

Exterior rendering is a process to show the exterior building, Villas, Landscaping etc with the help of a 3D software where an image of a building, villa or landscaping is depicted as the real image of the future to help the clients sell their real estate projects. 3D exterior designs are most sought after these days.

To create photorealistic images through renderings for the clients to give presentations of their projects and also to market their design concepts. This process can be used for residential interior designs, commercial interior designs and also residential exterior designs and commercial exterior designs.

There are several software used to create these CGIs, like

3DS Max




Cinema 4D,

Real flow,



Lightwave etc.

A render engine is a plug-in which is installed in 3D software. Its process is to render the 3D scene to give it a realistic effect. Once the whole scene is created in 3D software then there is a process of rendering that scene. With just a click it starts rendering the scene.

There are several types of render engines to use. For example


Corona render

Key shot

Mental Ray

Maxwell Render


Lumion etc.

Architectural walkthrough animation is a process used to create a short video on a computer using 3D software. It is prepared to show the real estate project where an exterior building is created with landscaping, moving people and moving cars and bikes. It is produced with such a quality where it looks like a real video of the project. Unlike architectural rendering where a single image is created, a walk through animation is a series of hundreds of frames of still images to produce a video.

A 3D floor plan or a cut section is to take a view of the space from the above. Unlike a 2D floor plan, the 3D floor plan gives a more detailed and clear picture where the size of the walls and all other features are clearly visible. The builders or the developers show these 3D floor plans to their customers so that they can visualize how the space of their interiors will look.

A 360-degree panoramic view is yet another powerful tool for the designers to showcase their designs to their clients. Unlike a still image from one angle, a 360-degree panorama is produced and rendered with 360 panoramic camera which is available in 3D software. The advantage of 360 panoramas is the client can rotate the image 360 degrees with the help of the cursor. The image can be rotated to left, right and top and bottom. The entire space can be viewed with the rotation of the cursor.